Accept the challenge: Benchmark your LiDAR System

Are you convinced about the performance of your LiDAR system and are curious to compare it with other systems, then join the LiDAR Olympics!

Fraunhofer IMS and Jakajima have taken the initiative to organise the LiDAR Olympics.

LiDAR can be applied in many areas and industries (just some examples):

  • Agrifood (smart farming, forestry/vegetation, food quality)
  • Archeology
  • Automotive (autonomous driving, traffic control)
  • Aviation
  • Civil engineering
  • Geographical mapping (Topography / Bathymetry)
  • Robotics (Cobots, logistics, service robots for warehouse/stores and for the care)
  • Surveillance / Security (Public / Private)
  • Space (Docking space capsule)
  • Transport (autonomous trains / ships)

We invite research organisations / universities and industry from the above mentioned verticals to participate in this challenge.

Application developers or even manufacturers can compete and playfully evaluate their selected and procured sensors in the context of an Olympic test.

The 3D cameras are tested in four disciplines that are challenging for LiDAR. A jury evaluates the performance at each discipline and awards points. The informal atmosphere and the open exchange with other participants can thus provide essential experience in LiDAR.
Participants learn about the numerous technological interrelationships through exchange with others, can compare sensors and prioritize relevant specifications for their use cases.

Enjoy this day of testing, learning and meeting the unexpected in order to make the LiDAR technology better!

Have a look at the LiDAR Olympics program here.