Benchmark procedure

There are four challenges and one challenge out of contest in form of testing stations which have to be mastered by the participating LiDAR systems:

Multipath Interference

  • Situation: “Autonomous parking in the garage”

  • Challenge: Reliable object detection of back wall, even if the sensor is completely positioned between the nearby walls

  • Criteria: No change of 3D values of back wall to longer distances

Sunlight Noise

  • Situation: “Sunlight noise”

  • Challenge: Reliable object detection even under high sunlight

  • Criteria: Object still detectable at longer distances


  • Situation: “Targets with high reflectance range”

  • Challenge: 3D algorithm has to be stable even at high photon event variation

  • Criteria: Exact same distance values for all objects

Angular Resolution

  • Situation: “What are the smallest detectable objects”

  • Challenge: Detect the smallest objects within a boehler star

  • Criteria: Diameter of the inner blurred circle is evaluated visually

Out of contest: Build your own challenge!!!!

  • Situation: “Creative testings”

  • Challenge: Use existing objects and build your own LiDAR challenge

  • Criteria: None

LiDAR system specifications
For more information about the LiDAR system specifications, go the the this page.

The jury will judge based upon the pure impression rating of visualized point cloud, including rough distance value check. Each jury member will give points (1 to 6) for good performances so that a final winner can be found.

Creative Commons
By participating in this LiDAR Olympics you allow the partners to publish your results under the Creative Commons attribution 3.0 License.

For more information about the teams and participation, go the the team registration page.