LiDAR system specifications

Some rules / extra information:
You have to bring your own necessary equipment, hard- and software tools as well. We supply power and Internet (and drinks and food obviously).

LiDAR System specifications:

The following information is mandatory to participate with your LiDAR system in the benchmark:

  • Compact camera system (< 20x20x20 cm³)
    • Easy to integrate into a measurement setup with suitable holder for table tops
    • Power supply: over own laptop or separate power supply unit
    • Laser class 1
    • Measurement range (indoor, 5% target,): > 3m
    • Depth resolution: ≤ 25 cm
    • Field of view: ≥ 30° horizontal, ≥ 10° vertical
    • Angular resolution (horiz.& vert.): ≤  1°
    • Wavelength: 840 nm – 1000 nm, other wavelengths on request
    • Frame rate: ≥ 5 fps
  • Visualization:
    • Laptop / Monitor with display of point cloud
    • Point cloud as heat-map or single points in direction of view of the camera
    • Distance value for each point quickly displayable